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MCO Capital Limited - April 2011 Update

City of London Police has issued an update on MCO Capital fraud, after thousands of people have received demands for the repayment of loans they haven't taken out.

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City of London Police detectives investigating the MCO Capital loans repayment fraud have travelled to Finland to meet with company directors and receive key evidence.

While in Helsinki, officers expressed their concerns at reports of people still being sent demand letters from debt agencies for loans they never took out.

City of London Police’s Det Insp Perry Stokes said: “It is unacceptable that innocent people continue to be contacted by various credit collection companies asking them to pay back money they never borrowed.

“Company officials have assured us there will be no further recovery action unless there is clear supporting evidence to indicate that a legitimate loan has been taken out.”

Personal details used fraudulently

MCO Capital has fallen victim to an organised loan fraud that used individual’s personal details to make thousands of false loan applications.

Since launching its investigation before Christmas, detectives have arrested five suspects and written to more than 7,000 people whose personal details were compromised by the fraudsters.

Anyone who has received additional demand letters, or those who are yet to officially report being a victim of this fraud, should contact MCO Capital at:

MCO Capital Ltd, PO Box 6024, Warwick, CV34 9NR

Victims can also call 08448 797 688 or email: [email protected].

Simple notification declaring you have not taken out a loan along with confirmation of your name and address should ensure enforcement action to reclaim the loan is put on hold whilst MCO Capital reviews your case.

Should you have any concerns or any further information for the City of London Police investigation team, you can call 020 7164 8222.

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