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Online shopping graphics

1. 13.5 million lost by victims

2. Average loss per victim

3. Checkout securely 

4. Where to shop tips

5. Black Friday

6. Ready to snap up a bargain

7. Phishing tips

8. Cyber Monday

9. Time to checkout

10. Bag a bargain securely

11. Report it

Courier Fraud graphics and social media messaging

Image 1: Do you know the caller is who they say they are?

Suggested wording: Just because someone knows a few basic details about you, it doesn't mean they are genuine. Fraudsters regularly use personal information to build trust and believability. 

Image 2: Fraudsters are deliberately targeting older and vulnerable people

Suggested wording: Unsure whether someone on the phone claiming to be your bank or police is genuine? Hang up, wait a minute, then call your bank / police on a known number to verify their identity. 

Image 3: The police will never ask you to hand over money for safe keeping

Suggested wording: Spot the signs of courier fraud. If someone claiming to be a police officer approaches you and asks you to withdraw money for safe keeping, it's a scam.

Image 4: Common example of courier fraud

Suggested wording: Action Fraud received over 1,900 reports of courier fraud last year. The police will never send someone to your home to collect money, or ask you to transfer funds out of your account. Don't make life easy for criminals.

Image 5: The police will never... infographic

Suggested wording: Victims of courier fraud lost more than £6.5m in 2019. The police or your bank will never contact you out of the blue to ask for your PIN, password, or to transfer money to another account. 

Other resources and information sheets

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NCSC Account Recovery Fact Sheet 197 KB
NCSC Antivirus Fact Sheet 255 KB
NCSC Business and Email Compromise Fact Sheet 297 KB
NCSC Denial of Service (DoS) Fact Sheet 117 KB
NCSC Passwords Fact Sheet 230 KB
NCSC Phishing Fact Sheet 314 KB
NCSC Ransomware Fact Sheet 392 KB
NCSC Sextortion Fact Sheet 155 KB
NCSC Data Breach Fact Sheet 204 KB
NCSC Used Devices Fact Sheet 194 KB
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