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Fraud News

Apple malware that targets Mac OS X and then iOS

7th November 2014

New malware has emerged called WireLurker, which is capable of infecting devices running both Apple’s mobile iOS platform as well as its desktop Mac OS X operating system.

Alert: Worm.Koler Android mobile ransomware

3rd November 2014

Security firm Adaptivemobile has uncovered a new variant of the “Android.Koler.A” malware which is being called Worm.koler and is spread by text message.

National Consumer Week focuses on doorstep crime

3rd November 2014

We are supporting National Consumer Week 2014 - a campaign which focuses on preventing doorstep crime by encouraging neighbours, family, friends and carers to look out for those most at risk in their communities.

Action Fraud celebrates fifth birthday

30th October 2014

Action Fraud the national fraud and cyber crime reporting centre, which is now part of the City of London Police, celebrated its fifth birthday this week.

Alert: watch out for new “number spoofing” scam

29th October 2014

Fraudsters are using a new scam to make the people they are phoning believe they are speaking to a trusted organisation by fooling their phones into displaying any number they choose.