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Police officers and police staff

Action Fraud is the UK’s national reporting centre for fraud and cyber crime.

We are tasked and funded by Home Office to deliver the National Fraud and Cyber Reporting Centre. The service is hosted by the City of London Police (CoLP) working alongside the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) who are responsible for the analysis and assessment of reports. CoLP is the national policing lead for economic crime.

We add value to policing by:

  • shifting call demand from 999 and 101 away from forces
  • saving forces time, resources and money
  • providing expert help and support to victims of fraud and cyber crime
  • providing a centralised way of reporting with a database that contains millions of high quality intelligence and crime reports relating to fraud and cyber crime.

We do not have investigative powers, however, the reports taken by us are sent to the NFIB. The NFIB collates and analyses intelligence on fraud, deciding what information is referred to police forces and other law enforcement agencies for investigation.

Materials and guides

We have produced a range of materials for victims of fraud and cyber crime that are available to download. We also have a complete guide for police officers and control room staff that is available for download on POLKA or by emailing [email protected]. (Please note the POLKA link is only accessible on police force secure networks).