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Warning about posting images of driving licences online

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) are warning motorists that posting images of your driving licence on social media websites can put you at a high risk of identity fraud.


The DVLA said that they are aware of instances where fraudsters have been using pictures of genuine driving licences that have been posted on social media websites, as part of adverts selling fake driving licenses.

By posting these pictures online, motorists are also providing the fraudsters with enough personal information to commit identity fraud. This could allow them to open bank accounts, obtain loans, credit cards and goods in your name and could affect your personal finances until the matter is resolved.

Main culprits

The DVLA said the main culprits of this are young, excited drivers that have just received their full driving licences but all motorists need to ensure that they do not post any personal details on social media websites to prevent compromising their identity.

For further information visit the DVLA website.

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