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Victims still being targeted by computer software service fraud

Individuals are continuing to fall victim to ‘Computer Software Tech Support’ phone calls which use the names of companies like Microsoft to scam people.

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The scam starts with a phone call from a fraudster using the name of well known company, claiming there is a problem with your computer and remote access is needed to fix it.

Once they get access to your computer, the fraudsters will request payment for work that has not been completed or they may even gain access to your personal bank account and withdraw money.

Common features include:

  • Fraudsters contact victims via telephone claiming they are aware of errors on their computer and that the problem can be resolved if remote access control is granted.
  • Fraudsters claim to be from a variety of computer service companies making use of well known companies including Microsoft.
  • If remote access is not granted fraudsters may become aggressive.
  • The fraudster appears to carry out work on the computer deleting files and installing new programs for which they will then demand you pay a fee.
  • Fraudsters may even access the victim’s online banking accounts and remove funds through the remote access that was granted.

How to protect yourself

Computer firms warn that they never make unsolicited phone calls to request personal or financial information, or to fix your computer. Treat all cold calls with scepticism and don’t give out any personal information.

They advise anyone who receives such communication to hang up the phone. If further assurance is needed individuals can contact the firm directly using the phone numbers obtained from their contract or other trusted sources.

Anyone who has lost money to a scam like this should report it to Action Fraud.

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