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Three arrested over phishing bank scam

Detectives from the Met's Central e-Crime Unit (PCeU) have arrested three men in connection with an internet scam targeting online banking customers.


The arrests followed reports that over 2000 phishing pages had been placed on the Internet. These web pages ]mimicked various genuine banking websites, and were designed to dupe unsuspecting victims into logging on to the fake sites and providing their banking credentials to the criminal gang.

A large number of these victims' accounts were subsequently illegally accessed by the fraudsters and money stolen.

The suspects, one from Nigeria and two from Romania, were held at a central London hotel on Monday night. They are being questioned on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud and money laundering.

Met Police officers from the Central e-Crime Unit working in partnership with investigators from the Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca) would like to remind members of the public never to click on links in unsolicited emails purporting to be from banks or building societies.

Read more about the arrest on the Met Police website.

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