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Roadside jewellery scam

Police are warning motorists to beware of a potential scam involving men claiming to have broken down, who say they need money for fuel.

In the reported cases, motorists have been flagged down by men from a supposedly broken down car. They either asked the victims for cash so that they can buy fuel, or offered jewellery or watches in exchange for cash. Police are warning that the jewellery is often cheap gold or polished metal and not worth the money they are asked to pay.

Spike in roadside jewellery scam reports

Police have found there has been an increase in reports about this scam in Herefordshire, south Shropshire and Worcestershire. As fraudsters move and change the geographical areas they operate in, all UK residents should also be vigilant about this type of fraud. Any UK resident who has lost money to a fraud like this should report it to Action Fraud.

Read more about this roadside jewellery scam on the West Mercia Police website.

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