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Rise in TV Licensing fraud emails

Fraudsters have been issuing fake TV Licence refund emails in a bid to steal victim bank account details with a number of potential victims reporting the scam email to Action Fraud this morning.

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The scam email claims to offer a refund for over-payments of TV Licence fees, but states the victim's bank details need to be updated before the refund can be issued.

The email then links to a website designed to look like TV Licensing's own website with a form for victims to enter their details. In reality the website has been set up to look authentic but the form steal victim's bank details, giving the fraudsters the chance to steal the victim's savings.

Preventing TV Licence phishing fraud

TV Licensing will not contact you by email concerning refundsIf you’ve received an email claiming to be from TV Licensing, don’t open any attachments or click links in the email's text.

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