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Microsoft warns of browser flaw

Microsoft has released a temporary software fix for a newly discovered bug in its Internet Explorer (IE) web browser.


The new bug discovered in its Internet Explorer web browser will make PCs vulnerable to hackers. Hackers can exploit the bug to infect the PC of somebody who visits a malicious website and then take control of the victim's computer.

Microsoft has advised users to download temporary security software to prevent infection.

The bug could affect “hundreds of millions” of its browser users and installation of its Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit would prevent the infection while the company continued to work on a long-term fix.

Switch browsers

Some experts have advised users to switch to alternative browsers, such as Google's Chrome or Mozilla's Firefox while the bug was being fixed.

Microsoft said in a blog post that it was “working to develop a security update” that is expected to take about a week.

For further information visit the Microsoft website.

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