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Intelligence leads to successful conviction of fraudster

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) is warning people of emails being sent by cyber criminals claiming to be from British Gas, Ministry of Justice and Home Office that contain TorrentLocker ransomware.

Andrew Crawford Norman Fleming was sentenced to a 12 month prison sentence by the Royal Court in Jersey on Friday 19 June for providing false and misleading information to the Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC).

 The 48-year-old man had been doctoring emails from global banks in order to give him the impression of legitimacy; he had then used these to dupe Asian investors into giving him money. It wasn’t until he sought approval from the JFSC to buy a trust company, that his lies were exposed. 

Flemming was initially reported to Action Fraud in 2012 and information was sent to the JFSC and States of Jersey Police to investigate, information was shared by these parties with the Financial Dispute Resolution Network (FIN-NET), which was able to provide additional information about Flemming and his elaborate lies. 

Intelligence matching

The information was sent back to the NFIB, which was able to use intelligence systems to combine all of the information and put together an extensive crime information package which linked him to an address in Scotland, where he had outstanding county court judgement debts and had  previously been found bankrupt.  

The information was used by the JSFC and the States of Jersey Police who has sufficient evidence to ensure that Flemming was charged and subsequently convicted by the Royal Courts in Jersey. 

Flemming ‘s case sets a precedent, as he was the first person ever to be prosecuted and sentenced for providing the JFSC with false and misleading information under Article 28(1) of the 1998 Jersey Financial Services Law. 

This conviction highlights how the NFIB as a result of its national and international reach is able to uncover the complex lies of fraudsters and provide law enforcement agencies with vital intelligence helping to lead to conviction.

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