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Insurance firms and DVLA combat fraud

Insurance companies and the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency have agreed to work together to make sure insurers always get the right information, fighting fraud and saving honest motorists money.

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UK insurers have confirmed funding for a joint project with DVLA which will enable them to obtain accurate information about customers’ driving offences, including points and disqualifications.

The project, which has been under discussion for three years, will now be developed by DVLA and could be in place as early as 2014.

Driving licence number

Once that happens, drivers will need to give their driving licence number when they apply for motor insurance. That means the DVLA's database can be checked to make sure the information's all accurate.

"This is a significant step forward in the fight against insurance fraud," said Nick Starling, the ABI's Director of General Insurance.

"We know that up to a quarter of motorists with driving offences, including disqualification, either do not declare them, or declare something less significant. This unfair to safer, honest motorists, and increases their premiums.

"Being able to access to the DVLA database will not only root out fraud," he concluded, "but also make the process of applying for insurance faster, produce more accurate premiums, and reduce disputes in the event of claims."

Read more about the bogus bank phone calls on the DVLA website.

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