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Home cheat home – Insurance fraudsters target home insurance

Insurers detect 335 fraudulent insurance claims every day – 170 of these are dishonest home insurance claims.


The Association of British Insurers (ABI) estimates that insurance fraud adds an extra £44 to the average UK household’s insurance spend.

The ABI says that many bogus home insurance claims involve alleged accidental damage to carpets and furniture due to spilled drink, which were in fact caused deliberately.

Bogus motor insurance claims are the most costly, according to the ABI, who has exposed some of the fraudulent claims. They include:

  • A policyholder took his car to participate in a race event in Germany. He crashed the vehicle, which caused extensive damage. He then had the car shipped back to the UK, then left the car at the side of a road where he claimed the damage occurred.
  • A woman reported her husband for exaggerating injuries received from a car accident, for which he collected £385,000 in compensation. He had pretended to be badly injured for three years.

Read more about insurance fraud on the ABI’s website.

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