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Beware of bogus charity collectors

Police are warning people to watch-out for illegitimate charity collectors and to be wary about giving out personal information.


Several types of charity fraud are currently known to be in operation. Some scammers claim to be fundraising on behalf of legitimate charities, while others set-up fabricated charities and allege to fundraise for emotive issues such as children or cancer. These scams can be executed in person or by phone.

Don’t let legitimate charities lose out

There are many legitimate charities fundraising for good causes – every pound lost to a scam charity is a pound less that can be donated to a reputable cause.

Those who wish to donate to charity should therefore check the legitimacy of the fundraiser before donating.

How to check a charity’s genuine:

  • ask to see the identification of the fundraiser if you are asked to make a donation in person. All legitimate charity fundraisers carry official identification when fundraising. Make sure you are satisfied the identification is genuine
  • all charities have to be registered with the Charity Commission. Check if a charity is registered with them by visiting the Charity Commission’s website
  • don’t give out personal information and bank details to make a regular donation by Standing Order unless you are satisfied the person you are talking to is genuine. You can always phone the charity back on a known phone number published in the phone book or on the charity’s official website
  • if you have lost money to a fraud like this, contact Action Fraud.

Read more about the charity fraud warning on the South Wales Police website.

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