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Adult Friend Finder user details leaked online

The personal information from hundreds of millions of users have been leaked online.

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Adult Friend Finder is a service that describes itself as "one of the world's largest sex hook-up" websites. We are aware from reports in the media that as a result of the hack millions of people in the UK may have been affected. 

If you have fallen victim to fraud as a result of the hack or need advice on what to do if your details have been compromised, contact Action Fraud.

Advice if you have been affected

  • If you use the same password for anywhere else on the internet, then change it immediately. Use three words which mean something to you but are random to others - this creates a password that is strong and more memorable. 
  • The data taken in the breach includes email addresses and usernames, which could be used in future for phishing attempts. If you receive unsolicited emails never reply with personal details and don’t click on any links as you could end up downloading malware.
  • Be wary of anyone calling asking for personal information, bank details or passwords. If in doubt, just hang up. 
  • For online safety advice visit Get Safe Online and Cyber Aware.

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