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Action Fraud contacting businesses about overseas investigation

Action Fraud is sending another 1,000 emails to UK businesses which they think may have been a victim of a recent business impersonation scam.

The case which is being investigated by the Cybercrime and Identity Theft Bureau at the New York County District Attorney’s Office, sees the fraudster impersonate a company director or CEO and then instruct members of the company’s finance department to transfer funds with respect to a discreet and/or sensitive acquisition, either of another business, or commercial property.

The fraudsters, often members of an organised crime group, seek to introduce a third party, purporting to be a lawyer or regulator, to add a sense of legitimacy to the request. These individuals may also impersonate a genuine entity. The use of similar email domains (legitimate) (false) may feature in this form of fraud. The fraudster may also obtain phone numbers within the correct dialling code in an attempt to make their deception more plausible.

If you receive an email from Action Fraud about this scam, please do not delete it. Please follow the advice within the email and if you have been a victim report to Action Fraud.

To report a fraud and receive a police crime reference number, please use our online fraud reporting tool.

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