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Information reports

Action Fraud take information reports from you if you have been in a situation where fraud could have occurred but didn’t.

This could be if you have received a letter or email asking you for money in relation to a bogus lottery win, inheritance or other approach for money that is not genuine but related to a type of fraud. If you have not responded to an approach like this, whether it was online or in person, we cannot generate a crime report. However, we can collect the details via an information report and pass it onto the police.

What do we do with information reports?

All information reports are passed onto the police.

Information reports don’t get investigated but they do help the police understand the scale of criminal activity and assist us to determine what type of crime people are most likely to fall victim to.

How do i create an information report?

When reporting to us online or via the contact centre, we will ask you a series simple questions that will determine whether or not we’ll record your report as information.