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Malware campaign simulates fake email alert from City of London Police

Cyber criminals have launched a new malware campaign which aims to install malware on victims’ computers via an email alert supposedly sent by the City of London Police.

Homicide scam emails

The cyber attackers have been sending out thousands of automated emails with the subject ‘Homicide Suspect’. The email provides some vague information around the subject, telling the reader that they are raising awareness around a recent case of homicide, it tells the reader that they need to open the attachment to find out more information. 

If the reader clicks on the attachment, malware is immediately installed on the device and the cyber attacker is able to gain access to information stored on it.  

Not all Anti-Virus companies are currently recognising this as a cyber attack which means that anti-virus software isn’t necessarily protecting the computer from this type of malware. This makes it even more important for people to be vigilant; not clicking on emails or attachments from unknown senders. 

Pauline Smith, Head of Action Fraud said: “Cyber attackers will stop at nothing and will take every opportunity they can to take advantage of people’s computers and mobile devices". 

“Be careful about what emails you choose to open and be aware of the risk of opening any documents attached. These criminals will play on your curiosity and coax you in to opening what is inside, please just delete these types of emails straight away”. 

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