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Alert: watch out for 'confirm your email address' LinkedIn phishing scam

Fraudsters are purporting to be from the businesses social network LinkedIn claiming your account has been blocked due to inactivity and, to restore access; you are required to click a link to confirm your email address.


The scam emails are not from LinkedIn and are designed to harvest you login details. You should always be wary of urgent requests to click on links from emails.

Example scam email

We write to inform you that your LinkedIn account has been blocked due to inactivity.

To ensure that your online services with LinkedIn will no longer be interrupted

You will be asked to log into your account to confirm this email address. Be sure to log in with your current primary email address.

[Link removed]

We ask you to confirm your email address before sending invitations or requesting contacts at LinkedIn. You can have several email addresses, but one will need to be confirmed at all times to use the system.

If you have more than one email address, you can choose one to be your primary email address. This is the address you will log in with, and the address to which we will deliver all email messages regarding invitations and requests, and other system mail.

Thank you for using LinkedIn!

--The LinkedIn Team

[Link removed]

Fake website

Hoax Slayer who identified the scam said; clicking the link will take you to a fake website designed to look like the real LinkedIn login page. Once you have 'logged in' on the fake site, you may be automatically redirected to the genuine LinkedIn website.

If you receive one of these emails, delete it, do not click on any links and report it to us.

For further information visit the Hoax Slayer website.

Please note that Action Fraud is not responsible for the content of external websites.

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