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Fixed line fraud

Fixed line or premium rate fraud is when fraud is committed against telephone companies.

Fixed line fraud can be done in a number of ways. In some cases, fraudsters gain access to a switchboard and sell other people the ability to make calls through the switchboard. This is known as Dial Through Fraud (DTF) or Direct Inward System Access Fraud (DISA).

Fixed line fraud can include Premium Rate Service fraud, which is when fraudsters significantly increase the number of calls to a premium number so they can increase the revenue they receive from it.

Call selling fraud is another form of fixed line fraud. This is when fraudsters take out a phone service and sell other people the ability to make calls through it. The fraudster has no intention of paying the bill.

The final form of fixed line fraud involves fraudulent applications. In this type of fraud, the fraudster takes out a phone service in a false name and leaves a bad debt.

If fraud has been committed, report it to Action Fraud.

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