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Warning – Fraudulent phone call in South Wales

26th July 2010

South Wales Police is urging residents to take care after an elderly lady in Pontypridd was phoned by someone claiming to be from TV Licensing.

The suspicious female caller asked for the woman’s bank details to pay for the TV licence. As she is entitled to a free licence, the woman did not give her bank details.

Police urge vigilance against fraudsters

A police spokeswoman said: “Fraudsters are always looking for the next opportunity to develop a new scam for financial gain, but there are simple precautions that the public can take to safeguard themselves.

“This lady did the right thing by refusing to give her bank details to a stranger over the phone.

“Remember that if something seems too good to be true, then it probably is, so don’t be hasty about giving out your personal information. Most people wouldn’t give their personal details to a stranger, so treat phone calls, letters, emails and websites with the same caution.

“If you’re in doubt about the legitimacy of a company, carry out your own checks by contacting the company directly yourself. Legitimate callers won’t pressurise you to purchase goods or pay money upfront.

“If you’ve been targeted by a fraudster and lost money, contact Action Fraud at or call South Wales Police on 101 to report a non-emergency incident.”

Read more on the South Wales Police website.

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