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The Action Fraud National Economic Crime Victim Care Unit (AF-NECVCU)

The Action Fraud National Economic Crime Victim Care Unit (AF-NECVCU).


The Action Fraud National Economic Crime Victim Care Unit (AF-NECVCU) is a team of specialist advocates that supports non- vulnerable & vulnerable people who have fallen victim to fraud and cybercrime, with the aim being to make them feel safer and reduce the possibility of them becoming a repeat victim.

It is the first unit in the country to provide a bespoke service to victims of economic crime. The AF-NECVCU tailor advice to victims’ needs in a professional, sensitive and empathetic manner to support recovery and prevent re-victimisation through its core values, Engagement, Support and Empowerment.

Engagement: Advice is tailored to the victims’ needs; we collaborate with partner agencies and engage with the public.

Support: Providing focussed and targeted engagement to deal with the Victim’s needs in an Empathetic, Sensitive and Compassionate way with Fairness and Dignity.

Empowerment: We are respectful and champion the victims’ needs, providing confidence and reassurance.

Can they investigate crime?

The team are not investigators and are only able to offer advice in respect to the recovery of any losses. The unit was set-up to provide a better service to victims, in the form of advice and support.

Can I verify who has called me?

NECVCU advocates contact people and offer advice but will never ask you for personal or financial information. 

If you are concerned about the identity of an AF-NECVCU advocate, make a note of their name and call the police on 101 and ask to be passed through to the City of London Police switchboard.


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