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The Action Fraud Victim Contact Advisors (VCoA) Unit

What is the Victim Contact Unit?

The Action Fraud National Economic Crime Victim Contact Advisors (VCoA) are based at the Victim Contact Unit at the Action Fraud contact centre. They provide a new and innovative service that is designed to;

  • make victims of fraud and cyber-crime feel safer and more confident following the crime and to reduce the chances of them becoming a victim of repeat crime; and
  • give support to victims of fraud and cyber-crime at different levels, who do not currently receive any mainstream victim support.

This service aims to support those victims who have made reports to Action Fraud but where  National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) have assessed the report as having no viable lines of enquiry.

This service differs from the one offered to victims who been assessed as potentially vulnerable for referral to the Economic Crime Victim Care Unit (ECVCU).

Advisors are responsible for speaking to victims by telephone or email to make an initial assessment of their needs. From there, they will provide advice and help, and where necessary, direct them to partner agencies and organisations. Please note, advisors will never ask you for any personal details.

The unit currently deals with victims from within the Metropolitan, Greater Manchester and West Midlands policing areas. This will soon be extended to Kent and Nottinghamshire with a view to ultimately covering all of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Can they investigate crime?

The advisors are not investigators and cannot assist in the recovery of any losses. The unit has been set up to provide a more inclusive service to victims, in the form of advice and support.


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