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Online car-buying scam

23rd November 2010

Car-checking company HPI is warning those thinking of buying a used car to look out for a scam.

This particular scam begins with an advert on a website or motor magazine, where an English seller is trying to sell a top-of-the-range car at a knock-down price. The seller usually says he is abroad in a country like Spain or Portugal, and needs to sell the car quickly. They tell victims they are unable to see the car as it’s already with a shipping company.

In fact, there is no car and victims have already parted with their cash by the time they realise this is a scam.

HPI is advising potential second-hand car buyers that is an offer to buy a car seems too good to be true, then it probably is. They are also cautioning people never to part with money until physically seeing the goods being sold.

Read more about car scams and advice on HPI’s website.

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