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Spot a car-buying scam

3rd August 2010

What Car? is warning potential car buyers and sellers about some of the scams fraudsters might use to con them.

Fraud can take a number of forms when buying a car. It may involve ‘clocking’, where the sellers wind back the odometer on high-mileage cars to sell them for more than they are worth. Criminals may sell stolen cars using bogus registration documents to make them seem legitimate, or sell written-off cars after repairing them to make them seem safe and good-looking.

Car selling scams

Car sellers should be wary of fake cheques – by the time they’ve tried to cash the fake cheque the fraudster has already taken the car. Fraudsters may also pose as private sellers to sell on stolen or dodgy cars.

Read more on the What Car? website, including how to spot the signs of car fraud.

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