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Shield your PIN or risk criminals filming it

27th July 2010

Cash point users are being told to shield their PIN after seized criminal footage has revealed how fraudsters try to get hold of the four-digit number.

Cash point fraud happens when criminals attach a skimming device to the card entry slot. This device copies the information on the card’s magnetic stripe, while a miniature pinhole camera, which overlooks the cash point’s keypad, films the customer’s PIN as they enter it.

By shielding the keypad with a free hand, keys, wallet or purse, cash point users can stop the fraudsters finding out their PIN by this method.

Cash point fraud prevention

LINK has produced a cash machine fraud prevention guide that explains the scams that criminals use to get hold of cards and card details, as well as providing advice on how to stay safe from fraud when using a cash point.

Read more about cash machine fraud on LINK’s website.

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