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Economic Crime Victim Care Unit (ECVCU)

Who are ECVCU?

The ECVCU is a team of specialist advocates working within the City of London Police that supports vulnerable people who have fallen victim to fraud and cyber crime, with the aim being to make them feel safer and reduce the possibility of them becoming a repeat victim.

Can they investigate crime?

The team are not investigators and cannot assist in the recovery of any losses. The unit was set-up to provide a better service to victims, in the form of advice and support. 

After an initial pilot in London, the service is gradually rolling out nationally. The ECVCU team has now expanded to a telephone service in the West Midlands and Greater Manchester. ECVCU advisors contact people and offering advice, but will never ask you for personal or financial information. 

Can I verify who has called me?

If you are concerned about the identity of an ECVCU advisor, make a note of their name and call the police on 101 and ask to be passed through to the City of London Police switchboard.

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