The Devil's in your Details phone

Over the phone, fraudsters will often:

  • Claim that they’re from your bank, and ask you to go through security with them.
  • Offer you a product/service from a company you’ve never heard of which seems to be a great deal.
  • Offer you something from a company or organisation you have heard of.
  • Misrepresent what’s being offered (for example, offering too good to be true mobile phone contracts or insurance).
  • Make it very hard to say no, or suggest that agreeing to what they’re saying is the only option you have.

Stay S.A.F.E

  • Suspect anything or anyone you don’t know – no matter what or who they claim to be.
  • Ask questions. Whatever a fraudster tries, you have the power to stay in control.
  • Find out for certain who you’re dealing with. Challenge anything that seems suspect.
  • End a situation if you feel uncomfortable. If you feel threatened, contact the police.