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Fraud News

Scam uses The Carphone Warehouse name

10th January 2011

The Carphone Warehouse has been made aware of a website called that incorrectly claims to be part of The Carphone Warehouse.

Police warning over cash point scam

7th January 2011

A number of incidents of cards being stolen at cash points and used to fraudulently withdraw cash have been reported to police.

Man arrested over email scam

4th January 2011

A man suspected of being part of an international advance fee fraud was arrested in Manchester at the end of last year.

Watch out for scam invoices

30th December 2010

A number of individuals have received bogus invoices for print and online advertising.

Bus and train ticket fraud crackdown

23rd December 2010

Bus and train operators have been working with police to clamp down on those who travel with counterfeit, expired or inappropriate tickets.