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Fraud News

BT phishing warning

18th January 2011

BT is warning customers that fraudsters may target them with phishing emails requesting that they update their billing or account information.

Letter scam sounds too good to be true

14th January 2011

Police are warning the public about a scam letter asking for their bank details so that an individual from abroad can transfer a large amount of money into it.

British soldier dating scam

13th January 2011

Police are warning dating website users to watch out for scammers claiming to be someone they’re not, with the intention of tricking them into parting with money.

What was your first ever Facebook status?

12th January 2011

As rumours circulate about Facebook closing down, even more people could become nostalgic about their time on Facebook and fall foul to a scam that supposedly finds users’ first Facebook status updates.

Holiday villa fraudster arrested

11th January 2011

Police are warning would-be holidaymakers to watch out for holiday villa fraud during one of the most popular months for booking holidays, after a fraudster was arrested.

US visa scam in UK

11th January 2011

The US Embassy in London is warning anyone applying for a US visa to watch out for an email scam asking you to send money as part of the application.

Scam uses The Carphone Warehouse name

10th January 2011

The Carphone Warehouse has been made aware of a website called that incorrectly claims to be part of The Carphone Warehouse.