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Young drivers warned about ‘ghost brokers’

A video warning young drivers about ‘ghost brokers’ selling fake car insurance has been launched as part of a national awareness raising campaign.

Ghost Brokers

The campaign run by the City of London Police, Insurance Fraud Bureau and the charity Crimestoppers warns people about “ghost brokers” who target young motorists with fake insurance policies. Almost 28 million vehicles were insured across the UK last year, providing fraudsters with a huge production line of potential victims seeking the cheapest deals.

Ghost brokers prey on those paying the highest premiums (new young drivers, mostly men) by offering unrealistically ‘cheap’ deals online and in person by the roadside, in restaurants and cafes and even on some university campuses.

Serious consequences

Fake policies bought from “ghost brokers” leave drivers exposed to the dangers of driving without valid insurance. The consequences are highlighted on a dedicated website: and could include having your car seized by police, along with facing fines and getting a criminal record. Uninsured drivers would also pick up the bill for any damage or injuries they cause in a crash.

This awareness activity is part of a nationwide crackdown with Detectives from the Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department (IFED) recently arresting 27 suspected ghost brokers from across the country. DI Dominic Parkin, Deputy Head of IFED, said: “Ghost broking is a nationwide problem which is now being met by a national law enforcement response. But making arrests and securing convictions is one piece of the puzzle - raising public awareness to prevent the fraudsters from duping young drivers is equally as important”

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