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Who blocked you on Facebook?

Scammers are taking advantage of Facebook users who want to know who has blocked them or removed them from their list of friends.

If you click to add the third-party application called ‘Who doesn’t like me’, scammers can gain access to information on your Facebook profile. Users are then asked to complete surveys, which earn scammers money. Applications such as these often spread the rogue messages tempting more people to click on the link via victims’ profiles.

Despite all this, Facebook users still cannot see who has removed them as a friend or blocked their profile.

Stay safe on Facebook

Never click on links you can’t verify and remember that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Action Fraud is also reminding Facebook users that clicking on links like these or ‘liking’ unverified Facebook pages can result in unwittingly giving scammers access to your personal information, which can result in identity theft and fraud.

Read more about the ‘Who doesn’t like me’ Facebook scam on Sophos’ website.

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