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Three jailed for cash machine scam

Three men in Gloucestershire have been jailed for stealing money using devices attached to cash machines.


The men fitted a device to trap cards and then recorded victims’ PIN numbers using a mobile phone camera which was hidden in a box above the keypad.

They were arrested after plain clothes police officers saw them attach the devices to two separate cash machines.

The men appeared in Gloucester Crown Court and were jailed for a total of 49 months. Gloucestershire Police said it was investigating at least a dozen similar cases and advised users to be vigilant and cover the keypad while entering their PIN code.

PC Annabel Brittain said: “I hope this case and these images make people think harder about their security at cash machines or Chip and PIN devices. The most important thing is to always cover your hand when typing your PIN. If you do that, you’re protecting yourself even if the criminals get your card or clone it because they won't be able to use it at other machines.

“These devices aren’t complicated but they are effective and blend in well with the machine. If you can, take a moment to look around the cash machine you use, have a feel and see if anything sticks out or seems suspicious".

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