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Smartphone users risk identity fraud

Research has found that although 94% of consumers fear identity theft and fraud, many keep too much personal data on mobile phones, according to credit reference agency Equifax.

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The research also found that 40% of smartphone users do not use the passcode function on their phone, leaving all their personal information readily available if their phone falls into the wrong hands.

It was also found that 62% of 22-25 year olds use their smartphone to regularly access online banking. Of this same age group, 69% do not use the passcode function on their phone and only 35% clear their browsing history after they use online banking.

Equifax’s smartphone security tips:

  • always use the PIN function on your handset
  • don't store reminders of passwords on your phone
  • think about which accounts you access from your phone and whether it would be better to wait until you're at the security of your home
  • wipe browser history, especially if reviewing online banking
  • keep an eye out for malicious software masquerading as apps
  • keep your smartphone safe at all times
  • delete all personal information from the phone and the SIM card before recycling or selling your phone.

Read more about Equifax’s research on the Equifax website.

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