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Scam letters promise 30 million dollar pay-out

Police are advising members of the public who receive a letter stating they could be entitled to thirty million dollars from a Singapore fund not to respond.

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Police detectives in Hertfordshire were alerted by a number of residents in the area receiving a letter asking them to make contact with an investment consultant in Singapore to arrange for $30 million to be paid into the recipient’s bank account.

The letters claim the large cash lump sum has come following the death of a wealthy investor who shares the same surname.

Detective Sergeant Mark Banczyk-Gee from the Local Crime Unit said: “This is criminals trying to prepare the way to go on and defraud people of large sums of money.

I would ask anyone who receives a letter of this nature to throw it away and not take up the offer.

What we know happens is that the victim will be asked to send an initial payment in order to release the money owed to them and repeat payments are requested and they never see the $30 million.

“Fortunately the people who brought this to our attention have not parted with any money, however they are clearly circulating in Three Rivers, so I would urge people faced with the same letter not to proceed.

“These letters are not being dealt with as crimes. However please be warned that if you receive a letter similar to this and it seems too good to be true, it probably is – please don’t fall for it. ”

For more information visit the Hertfordshire Constabulary website.

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