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Psychic scam – could it be you?

Scamnesty 2011: A ‘clairvoyant’ wrote to pensioner George Robson of north London to warn him that an angel had told her something terrible was going to happen to him.


She said she would say an ‘angel prayer’ to protect George – as long as he sent her £19. He was frightened and sent off the money.

Over the months that followed, George received many similar dire warnings and demands for payment. He ended up losing more than £150 before his grandson spotted he’d been duped.

This example of a ‘psychic scam’ is fictional, but based on actual cases. The Office of Fair Trading is highlighting how scams like this happen during Scamnesty 2011.

Bin scam mailings during Scamnesty

People who receive scam mailings are being urged to bin them in ‘Scamnesty’ bins located across the country.

Anyone who has been a victim of fraud should report it to Action Fraud.

Read more about Scamnesty 2011.

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