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British Transport Police scam warning

22nd September 2010

Police are warning internet users not to reply to a fake email purporting to be from the British Transport Police.

The email asks for money relating to importing vehicles into the UK. This is a scam. The British Transport Police has no involvement with vehicle importation and would never demand money in this way.

Anyone who has lost money to a scam like this is being asked to report it to Action Fraud.

Sky insurance scam

16th September 2010

People are being phoned by cold callers claiming to be from Sky Television (BSkyB), offering insurance for Sky set-top boxes.

Car parking fine scam

15th September 2010

Motorists are being warned to stay alert after a number of fake penalty notices have been placed on vehicles.

The counterfeit notices say they are for highways obstructions, such as parking on pavements. However, the notices state they are issued by a private company, rather than the police or local council, and print the phone number of a call centre.

Don’t pay for Skype upgrade – It’s a scam

14th September 2010

Internet users are being warned to watch out for a scam that charges money for what appears to be an upgrade of Skype.

Fraudsters are advertising a paid-for Skype service and taking the money from victims. Users are being warned that there is no upgrade that they have to pay for – this is a scam. Skype is free to download and the internet-based voice-calling system allows people to make phone calls to other Skype users for free.

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Beware of roofing scammers

13th September 2010

Police are warning residents to be aware of bogus callers insisting on an upfront payment for roof repairs that never materialise.

Men claiming to be from a roofing company have been telling homeowners that their roofs need repairing and ask for an upfront payment for materials. Once they have received payment, they leave and do not return. One resident lost several thousand pounds to the fraudsters, who have been targeting vulnerable and older people in particular.

Evict Rogue Landlords

13th September 2010

The charity Shelter has revealed that a million Britons may have fallen victim to scams involving a private tenancy or landlord in the last three years.

In a YouGov survey, 2% said they had fallen victim to such a scam and 4% knew someone else who this had happened to. The survey coincides with Shelter’s new campaign called ‘Evict Rogue Landlords’ to raise awareness of rogue landlords and con artists.

Fraudsters are behind some of the rent scams that Shelter is highlighting, including:

MCO Capital Limited

10th September 2010

If you’ve received a letter from MCO Capital Limited asking you to repay a loan you haven’t taken out, you need to take action. [Updated: 19 November 2010]

If you have received one of these letters, do not pay any money but DO NOT IGNORE IT. It may affect your credit rating and you may find bailiffs on your doorstep if you do not take action.