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Mobile malware on the rise

A new Mobile Threat Report released by company Juniper Networks shows that Android malware has risen by 614% in a year.

Samsung Galaxy S5

According to the third annual report, mobile malware threats have grown a huge 614% in the period March 2012 to March 2013. This shows that the "rapid growth and evolution of mobile malware” is swiftly becoming a highly profitable business for cybercriminals.

There are now 276,259 malicious apps in total known to be available and malware writers are increasingly behaving like profit-motivated businesses.

The report says it is clear that cybercriminals are becoming more enterprising and calculated, tending to target the most popular mobile platform (Android) rather than trying to break into every system.

Android enjoys more than 60% mobile market share worldwide, with 92% of all detected mobile malware targeted towards it. Over three quarters of the Android threats are malicious apps that send SMS messages to a premium rate number.

Mobile malware protection advice

  • Always make sure you have the latest version of software installed for increased protection.
  • Be careful when downloading new apps as rogue ones can appear in legitimate app stores as well as unofficial online stores.
  • Always check reviews and ratings as well as developer information before downloading a new app.
  • If your battery suddenly starts draining really fast, consider that it might be a malware problem.
  • Make sure to check your phone bill online periodically - more often than once a month, that way you can keep tabs on any suspicious activity.

For further information please visit the Juniper Networks website.

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