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“Lebanese loop” cash machine scam

West Midlands Police are urging people to take extra care when withdrawing money from ATM’s after receiving several reports of devices placed in cash machines.

Cash machine

The “Lebanese loop” involves fraudsters inserting devices which consist of a strip/sleeve of metal or plastic into the bank machines card slot.

When the ATM tries to eject the card, a 'lip' at the end of the loop prevents the card from being ejected, and the machine draws the card back in, leaving the victim to believe that their card has been retained.

One of the fraudsters will often then appear and offer to help, watching the victim as they re-type their PIN. The victim then walks away assuming their card has been retained - leaving the fraudsters free to recover it and, using the PIN they have just memorised, withdraw as much money as the card will allow.

PC Phil Upton from the Merry Hill neighbourhood policing team said: "We are urging ATM users to take extra care when withdrawing cash by shielding the keypad while they enter their PIN and to be aware of anyone acting suspiciously around them."

For further information visit the West Midlands Police website.

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