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Identity theft scam warnings

People are being warned to be on the look-out for scams designed to trick them into divulging their personal details, following an increase in the number of complaints to Consumer Direct and Trading Standards.

In one scam, the fraudster poses as a representative of the caller’s local council. The caller asks the victims personal questions such as who their power provider is and what benefits they receive, before going on to ask for their bank account information. They can go on to use this personal information to commit fraud.

Microsoft scam

Consumer Direct and Trading Standards have also reported a recent increase in complaints about a scam using Microsoft’s name that targets internet users. Victims receive a phone call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft. The customer is directed to a website that allows the caller remote access to the customer’s computer. The fraudster then appears to make a number of ‘fixes’ to their computer. In fact, they gain access to the victim’s personal information, often by installing malware. Again, this personal information can be used to commit fraud.

These scams have recently been reported in Nottinghamshire. As scammers move and change the geographical areas they operate in, all UK residents should also be vigilant about this type of scam.

Read more about these identity theft scams on Nottinghamshire County Council’s website.

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