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Identity related crimes are main driver of fraud in UK

The latest report from CIFAS – the UK's Fraud Prevention Service suggests that identity related crimes are the main driver of fraud in the UK.


Out of the 248,325 frauds recorded by CIFAS Members in 2012 identity related crimes accounted for 65% of the total. The reason for this is the internet; with 80% of all identify theft and fraud being committed online.

Bank, credit card and mail order accounts remained the products most frequently targeted by fraudsters, though the ever expanding range of products means that fraud against bank accounts decreased in 2012 while fraud against loans and credit cards notably increased.

The report also identified Manchester, Peterborough, Middlesbrough and Gosport/Portsmouth as fraud hotspots in 2012.

CIFAS’s Richard Hurley, said: “Fraud is a complex subject, affected by a wide range of factors, and the variations recorded during 2012 are proof of that”

“The role of organised crime (and what this actually means), consumer awareness, the economic situation in the UK, changing business practices and the rapid development of digital technologies are just a few of the influencing factors”

“The question of ‘whose responsibility is it to defeat fraud?’ looms large of course, as fraud remains a threat both to organisations and individuals. By examining the ways in which frauds are attempted, CIFAS is able to cast light on the murky realities of the problem. This underlines the need for more public and private organisations to act responsibly and share data to prevent fraud before having to recover losses, together with greater moves made by individuals and law enforcement.”

Read more about the report on the CIFAS website

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