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Holiday rental fraud warning

Holiday home owners are being warned to watch out for fraudsters who say they would like to rent their property.

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The UK-based Self Catering Country Cottages website is warning about different versions of the scams that fraudsters use to defraud holiday home owners.

How does holiday home fraud work?

In many instances, the fraudsters say they would like to rent the holiday home. They make a payment to the holiday home owner, but for a higher price than the agreed rental rate. The fraudsters then contact the holiday home owner again and ask them to refund the overpaid amount. The initial payment the fraudsters made later bounces, leaving victims out of pocket for the amount they ‘refunded’ the bogus customers.

Holiday home owners are therefore warned to be wary if they receive a higher payment for their property and are subsequently asked for a refund.

Read more about holiday home fraud on the Self Catering Country Cottages website.

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