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Help Your Business Grow Without Fraud in 2012

While 70% of small and medium sized businesses are expecting sales growth in 2012, Action Fraud is reminding companies to follow fraud prevention measures to make sure fraudsters don’t get the better of their plans.


The poll of small and medium sized business by Experian also found that one in five companies planned to increase their headcount next year. Of those expecting improved performance in 2012, two thirds see increased sales to UK customers to be the biggest growth driver, while 12% expect growth to originate from international sales.

Businesses must not forget to implement and enforce anti-fraud policies to ensure that their plans for growth are not hindered by fraudsters and computer criminals.

Protect your business from fraud and computer crimes

  • Implement an ‘Acceptable Use’ policy for employees to follow to prevent e-crime.
  • Install anti-virus, a firewall and anti-spyware software on all IT systems and keep up to date with patches and software updates to prevent internet crimes.
  • Encrypt your data and control who has access to it – this can help prevent internet crimes.
  • Ensure your clients are aware that your company would never request their personal or sensitive data.
  • When taking payment from customers, always be mindful that payment authorisation does not guarantee payment.
  • Call the customer to verify large online transaction details.
  • Be wary of delivery addresses which are PO Boxes, are different to the billing address, or telephone orders when the customer or a third party subsequently collect their purchase.
  • Be alert to changes in a customer’s usual purchasing patterns and order volumes.
  • If your business has been the victim of any type of fraud, report it to Action Fraud.

Read more about Experian’s poll with small and medium sized business on Experian’s website.

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