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Fraudsters prey on the vulnerable people - help to Spot It and Stop It

As part of the National Fraud Authority’s (NFA) commitment to raising public awareness through targeted activity, the NFA ran a pilot community engagement campaign, called ‘Spot it, Stop it’, at the end of 2012.

Elderly Woman And Child

Through a series of community events and local promotion, the campaign aimed to reach and engage women aged over 56 and their support networks in County Durham. The National Fraud Segmentation Research shows that these women inherently trust people and are vulnerable to mass marketing and socially engineered fraudulent approaches. They respond to scams that are made to look legitimate, offer high value or life changing rewards and are often personalised.

The ‘Spot it, Stop it’ pilot helped raise awareness of fraud amongst the target group and confidence in saying no to fraudulent and unwanted offers. Post campaign evaluation revealed that of those exposed to the campaign, 80% felt they could ‘spot’ a fraud and know enough about how to avoid fraud compared with those who were unaware of the campaign. Two in five later rejected an approach from a cold caller. Action Fraud also saw a 42% increase in reports from this demographic (segment).

All of the campaign resources are available to download for all partners to use to raise awareness of ways to recognise and reject fraud; Spot It, Stop It.

What’s included:

1. Spot It, Stop It poster
2. Leaflet for service users, clients and general public
3. Factsheet for those within the circle of support i.e. those workers, volunteers, professionals, relatives who come into contact with vulnerable adults
4. Fraud quiz to generate discussions

Remember, anyone can become a victim of fraud, especially elderly women. You can help them to Spot It and Stop It if you report it to Action Fraud.

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