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Fraud Advisory Panel issues new factsheets for businesses

The Fraud Advisory Panel has recently issued two new fraud factsheets for businesses.

Large Coperation

An introduction to fraud indicators

Prevention and early detection of internal fraud are always preferable to intervention after the event. Once a fraud has become firmly established or entrenched within an organisation the financial, legal, reputational or regulatory ramifications will be considerably more severe. One very effective method of prevention is the pro-active identification of fraud indicators. This factsheet outlines why fraud indicators are important and some of the 'red flag' indicators (behavioural, financial and procedural) that fraud may be occurring.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing now offers businesses a new way of storing data which can often be cheaper and more readily accessible than other methods. However, organisations need to be aware of the risks and how to mitigate them. This factsheet provides an overview of cloud computing, security and data protection considerations, and risk management.

Both factsheets are available to download from the FAP website

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