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Fake register scam

The Financial Services Authority has warned that fraudsters are creating fake versions of the FSA Register to use as an aid in their scams.


The FSA Register is a public record of all the firms, individuals and other bodies that the organisation regulates. In the new scam fraudsters are setting up fake websites with bogus versions of the register on it.

The FSA recommends its Register is only accessed through its official website rather than through links in emails or on the website of firm’s offering an investment.

The alert on it's website said: “Fraudsters sometimes claim to work for firms we authorise when targeting potential victims, as a firm has to be authorised by us to sell, promote or advise on the sale of shares and other investments in the UK,”

“Some scammers even try to change the contact details of authorised firms on our Register, so it shows the phone number, address and website details they are giving to scam targets.”

You should also check the address of the FSA website is correct and there are not subtle changes that mean it is a fake. If you are not sure whether a firm is genuine you should contact their Consumer Helpline on 0845 606 1234.

For further information visit the Financial Services Authority website.

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