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Faith healing scammers target households

Police are warning residents to beware of men purporting to be faith healers.

UK Policemen

The reported incidents involved a pair of men told a householder they were collecting for charity. After the householder donated £15, the men asked if they could shelter inside as it was raining. The men went on to claim that the householder was ill and black magic was affecting his home. They said they could help the victim and his family lift the black magic affecting the home.

Shortly after, the men demanded more than £500 for the service they had provided. The victim said he did not have the money, but was told by the men they ‘felt’ there was money in the house. The victim eventually handed over £150 and the men left.

The men are believed to be targeting Asian families with the scam, which has been reported to be occurring in the Leeds area.

Householders across the UK should be wary of unexpected doorstep callers asking for money. Anyone who is suspicious about a request for money should never feel obliged to give it.

Anyone who has lost money to fraudsters should report it to Action Fraud.

Read more about the faith healer scam on the West Yorkshire Police website.

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