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Debt text scam warning

Mobile phone owners are being warned about scam text messages that claim to help them become debt free.

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The warning has been issued by a Trading Standards team who have been alerted to significant increase in the numbers of texts, emails and adverts from debt and claims management companies that misleadingly state they can take over liability for debts, write off debts or get compensation for accidents.

These text messages are often a ploy by fraudsters to gain personal information such as bank details.

Protect yourself from text message scams

Never reply to unsolicited text messages such as these. Even responding ‘STOP’ to try to opt out of the messages can confirm to the fraudsters that your phone number is a working number. Never give out personal details in response to unsolicited text messages.

If you do have a problem with debt or a claim for compensation, contact a reputable claims management company or your local debt advice service.

Read more about the debt text message scam on the East Sussex Trading Standards website.

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