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Courier fraudster jailed

The Metropolitan Police have arrested a man responsible for committing several courier frauds in the South London area.

Police Station

The courier scam is when fraudsters call and trick you into handing your cards and PIN numbers to a courier on your own doorstep.

24-year-old Elliot Dini was brought to the attention of police after a bank made them aware that one of their customers was being defrauded. The 77 year old victim had phoned his bank because he was worried he was being targeted by a fraudster who had contacted him by phone claiming to be his financial advisor at his local branch.

The victim became suspicious as he didn’t recognise the suspect’s voice and decided to call his local branch to check if they had contacted him, which they hadn’t.

Arrested in victim’s living room

When officers arrived at the victim’s address in Croydon, they found Dini in the victim’s living room. Dini had attended the address, telling the victim that he was a courier that had been sent by his bank to collect his bank cards. Officers arrested Dini at the scene on suspicion of fraud.

Whilst in custody further checks were carried out on Dini’s mobile phones, where they found information linking Dini to other similar offences in Bromley and Surrey - all involving elderly victims.

Dini was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment at Croydon Crown Court after pleading guilty to two counts of fraud by false representation in Croydon and Bromley.

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