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Commonwealth of Nations Lottery scam

Police are warning of a Lottery scam which asks people to send on their bank details in order for them to receive their cash.

Lottery Balls Bouncing

Households in Scotland have been receiving letters informing them they have won hundreds of thousands of pounds in a Commonwealth of Nations Lottery and asking them to send on their bank details in order for the cash to be transferred.

Once a victim hands over their bank details, the fraudsters will use them to empty the entire account. Always remember if you haven’t entered a lottery then you can’t have won it.

Preying on people's vulnerabilities

A police spokesman said: "Investigations are underway following a number of reports where people have received letters about this fake lottery. We would remind everyone that they should never give out any personal information, including bank details, to any unknown agency.

"While the letters may appear official, it is important to validate any such communication, and seek further assurances that the firms involved exist and are aware of the letter. The fraudsters behind this scam are preying on people's vulnerabilities, and could appear genuine if not carefully considered – the bottom line is that if something appears too good to be true, then it usually is”

For further information please visit the Scotland police website.

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